Drift Performance DX 1 T Series 13.5T Brushless Motor



110,02 €

DX1T is a torque specification that emphasizes traction performance on low grip road surface, it is controllable setting that reacts linearly to throttle operation and accurately catches the road surface. Both stators and coils use objects of quite different nature in R and T. The difference between the two types is very different. The 
appearance is a newly adopted motor case pursuing compatibility with the maximum of cooling performance and design. Suppresses heat sag that will become a neck in drifting and maximizes its original performance

TypeT 13.5 T 
· Suitable for color concrete TypeT 13.5 T · 
Low grip, ideal for short track 
· Adopts the newest stator and coil, completely different from Type R, which has both rolling and gogging strength compatible 
· Rotor diameter D 12.5 × d 5.00