Overdose GALM Chassis Kit with option parts



1 095,47 €

Includes 8 option parts:

Curved slide rack + mount

Floating motor mount

Aluminium Suspension mount set

Aluminium IFS links

Aluminium rockers

Aluminium front damper mount

Aluminium Rear upper arm mount

Aluminium rear upper braces

More details

Introducing OD’s 4th edition chassis kit “GALM”. A full-scale carbon made double deck chassis with the belt drive, offering easy assembly for beginners. All four wheels are equipped with aluminum oil shocks. The inboard type front suspension optimizes the shock performance, eliminating its friction against the wheels in deep corners at the same time. DAIS set is also available, offering easy RWD drifts, no need to concern the compatibility of the servo and the radio. Following parts are included in the kit: A spur gear (92T), a pinion gear (23T), hex wrenches (1.5mm, 2.0mm), a wheel nut, a box wrench, and a turn buckle wrench. The following parts are not included in the chassis set and must be purchased separately; the radio set, a steering servo, a speed controller, a motor, a battery, a body, tires and wheels.