GALM ver.2 Chassis Kit (w/Option Parts)

GALM ver.2 Chassis Kit (w/Option Parts)



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Newly designed curved slide steering rack and rear suspension. This is OVERDOSEs confident work that has greatly improved the performance and finished with running characteristics that are easy for anyone to drive. Also available high spec version with many option parts.

Included Option Parts
OD2396 Aluminum Rocker Arm
OD2398 Aluminum Suspension Mount
OD2404 Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount
OD2423 Aluminum Push Rod Turn Buckle
OD2433 Aluminum Rear Brace
OD2488 Floating Motor Mount System
OD2545 Aluminum Inboard Shock Mount
OD2588 Multi Purpose Aluminum Rear Bulk Head
OD2590 Adjustable Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
OD2608 Aluminum Rear Brace Mount
OD2665 Aluminum Front Bulk Head Type-2
OD2711 Aluminum Curved Slide Rack Steering Set Type-2